Kadavul irukan kumaru movie review

Staring : GV Prakash, Anandhi, NikkiGalrani

Director : Rajesh M

Music : GV Prakash

Production : T Siva

Filmmaker Rajesh has amused us with some of his best comedy capers like Siva Manasula Sakthi, Boss Engira Baskaran, Oru Kal Oru Kannadi and few more movies. Now he teams up with GV Prakash for this recent outing ‘Kadavul Irukan Kumaru’, featuring Nikki Galrani and Anandhi in female lead roles with RJ Balaji, MS Bhaskar and Prakash Raj in important characters.


The film’s plot is so tenuous that it revolves around Kumar (GV Prakash), who is getting married to  Priya (Nikki Galrani). He has a broken past of love failure when his relationship with Nancy (Anandhi) failed in a hilarious way through a TV show. Now with a day ahead of his marriage, his close friend Balaji (RJ Balaji) insists him on a pleasure trip to Pondicherry and rest of the story is about some misadventures that happens over there on the way back.


To be precise, this is really a huge disappointing film for it involves no story or proper narration. Right from the first scene till the end, there nothing seems to be of clarity. Moreover, if not for RJ Balaji and Prakash Raj, the film would have be a mere disappointment that many would rush of the theatres before the climax. What has really happened to Rajesh? This would be the obvious first question that rises up to the everyone’s perceptions. Although some of his previous films hadn’t performed well, they actually carried some plot and drama to convey, but here nothing seems to be appreciative. Especially GV Prakash who has seemingly assumed himself to be the mass of ‘Locality Boys’, sorry to say, he look terrible with this stereotypical role. Anandhi goes through a gaudy makeover that everyone would notice and she looks good with her natural looks as in Kayal and Trisha illana Nayantara. But we can appreciate the costumes designed upon her. Nikki Galrani hardly has any role to play there. RJ Balaji is the ultimate showstopper and Prakash Raj is no exception for the duo keeps scoring bigger in spite of a below average story. Technically, except the camera works, there is nothing appreciative.


On the whole, Kadavul Irukan Kumaru leaves you restless right by its initial moments, where you don’t get to know what’s actually happening on the screens.



Rating: 2/5

Verdict : A Terrible Disappointment from Rajesh