Sutta kadhai movie review

Staring : Balaji Venugopal, Lakshmi Priya, MS Baskar, Nanditha, Nassar, RS Shivaji

Director : Subu

Music : Madley Blues

Production : Libra

Once ‘ Dark comedy’ genre is very rare in Tamil cinema but now it looks like most of the new age film makers  making their debut with Dark comedy and the latest to join the club is Subu’s Sutta Kadhai . As the name suggests the film’s major plot is based on the murder of a tribal head(MS Baskar), who was shot to death.

First things first Subu must be appreciated for breaking some cinematic rules and spilling comical essence throughout the movie. The film gives us a comic book read feel right from the first scene to the climax, well of course it all starts with the title card where the director says that they only use ‘cool drinks ‘ in boozing scenes and they don’t have intention to give trouble to anyone’s stomach.

The director used many references like Inaintha Kaigal Ramki for for Ramji(Balaji) Arun Pandian for Sangili(Venkatesh) , Oliver Twist for Jayaprakash’s character, the Goundamani’s famous ‘Kunjai’ sequence when Silanthi(Lakshmi Priya) gets blessing from tribal head , Samba Sivam comic book and  many which are really enjoyable.

Even the backdrop of the story is completely imaginary that it didn’t happen any real locations and the police uniform also conveys only the fictional place koramalai and not the typical Tamil Nadu police which are very new to Tamil cinema.

The characterizations are also don’t have any seriousness but with lot of fun elements like Balaji’s small theft problem, Sanglili’s left ear deficiency , Nassar’s laziness, Dongli Jumbo's fatso character and many.Heroine Lakshmi Priya also don’t have a glam doll role instead she was referred to Vijay Shanthi and she did a good job is stunts too.

The film’s another strength is Nizar’s cinematography and Madley Blue’s music that almost all frames and songs are in perfect sync with the movie’s concept.

On the downslide the film doesn’t have any seriousness, thrill factor or masses’  likeable comedy which might not work with general audience  as it is completely new to them.

To conclude Subu has made a coffee table comic book kind of film and presented it , it’s up to the general audience to decide whether to flip it and have a look or not.



Verdict : Coffee table comic book which is worth to have your attention!