Thanga meenkal review

Staring : Padmapriya, Ram, Sadhana, Sally

Director : Ram

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production : Photon Kathas and JSK Film corporation

Not every filmmaker is honest in what they portray onscreen thanks to the cruel commercialism existing in Tamil cinema. Here comes a classic and honest film called Thanga Meenkal which broke the entire jinx and this is called genuine filmmaking. Kudos to Ram,Gautham Menon and JSK film corp for making this cult classic film.

Thanga Meenkal is a simple yet novel story that deals a beautiful relationship between a father Kalyani ,played by director Ram himself and his daughter Chellama(Saadhana). The perfect thing about Thanga Meengal is its flawless screenplay and characterization in Thanga Meenkal is something unique. In Thanga Meengal father is shown as a father and not as a messiah, even grandfather and grandmother characters of Chellama are not portrayed as stereotypical villains. Every character is sketched with so much realism and also with their kind side.

Ram who played as Kalyani has given a performance which is so real and there is no trace of dramatic acting from this brilliant filmmaker. Sadhana who played as Chellama is the biggest strength of film. Sadhana breaths the role and whenever she speaks with her innocent voice our heart goes for her. Padma Priya,Rohini,Sally everyone played their role to the sheer perfection.

Film making is something that involves lot of brilliance and Ram is one such filmmaker. Ram has conveyed lot of message including cruel capitalism, urbanization, unhealthy education system, improper parenting and so many other subtle messages but we never find it to preachy as all these things are told within the narration and this crystal clear narration is another reason that the film stands out as one of the best films of our times.

Another biggest strength is Yuvan Shankar Raja's music which flows throughout the movie just like a gentle breeze. Be it the BGM or songs everything is glued within the film narration which is very rare in Tamil cinema. Editing by Sreekar Prasad is perfect so as the cinematography by Arbhindu Saaara.

Whenever we see Iranian films like Children of Heaven, A Separation a thought will arise like when Tamil cinema will produce such films?  Finally Ram has replied us with a classic film called Thanga Meenkal , now all we should do is to watch this classic and celebrate!

People asks us when we will give five stars for a film and everytime we answer only for genuine films which doesn't bothered about commercial factors .Thanga Meenkal is one such film and now we are proud to rate it with five stars !

Verdict : Watch this classic and celebrate!