Ya ya movie review

Staring : Shiva, Santhanam, Sandhya and Dhansika

Director : I. Rajasekaran

Music : Vijay Ebenezer

Production : MS Murugaraj

There were times when people felt happy to see a comedy movie as it is a rare phenomenon in K-town,there were many quality comedies with novel story line. But for the past two years comedy is taken for granted and many directors are in a mindset that making a comedy film is a cake walk . But the end of the day all comedy movies are not successful.

Okay, coming to Ya Ya movie review it is yet another addition to the so called comedy movies with thin (okay at least for namesake) story line. Ya Ya is nothing but Ok Ok version 2 with less entertainment value and more of dragging screenplay.

Santhanam and Shiva are friends who try to spoil love the other forms the major plot and mean time we are able to see some kind of spoof from Powerstar Srinivasan which is really horrible. Shiva as usual comes and delivers his own acting style with his typical dialogue delivery; Someone  please say him that he is becoming stereotypical.

Though Santhanam’s one liners evokes laughter over a point of time the destination less story narration tests our patience big time. For a wonderful actress like Dhanshika the character given is a cake walk and she did it well. Kaadhal Sandhya makes a comeback with Santhanam’s pair and her acting is adequate.

Vijay Ebenezer’s doesn’t have much scope to score but then one song is hummable. Editing by TS Suresh is adequate so as the cinematography. Though the film’s director Rajasekaran follows his Guru Rajesh’s path of thin story line, he badly missed the entertaining factor.

Overall Ya Ya is another addition to mediocre comedy movies of the year.


Verdict : Another addition to mediocre movie list