aranmanai 2 music review

Staring : sundar C , Hansika , Trisha

Director : Sundar C

Music : Hip Hop Thamizha

Production : Avini Cine Makes

Aranmanai 2 Music Review
Witnessing incredulous success with ‘Aranmanai’, Sundar C is back with a bigger ensemble star-cast for this sequel. This time, the film gets more enriched with top-notch technicians and one among them is music director Hip Hop Tamizha. Let us have a look on the tracks with the vivid analysis.
Amma – The Amman song
Singers: Malathi
So much of passion and reverence to the divine deity and it looks like a song that will come by end of film for the sake of some emotions. Malathi has rendered the song with an impressive spell and the visuals with grand sets and huge dancers.         
Kuchi Mittai
Singer: Anthony Dasan
Anthony Dasan has always been the pick of any music director for a folk song and this song is nothing different from the singer’s usual panache. The song will be surely something based on the same lines of ‘Petromax Light’ from ‘Aranmanai’.
Maya Maya
Singers: Kailash Kher and Padmalatha
Kailash Kher always has a transfixing voice and he is someone who could be befitting any genre of musical experiments. This song starts off with something more royal, but sooner it loses the impact as it goes through lots of loud noisy instrumentals in the backdrops, where the clarity of vocalisms get eclipsed.
Party with the Pei
This song had gained some publicity through the promotional video that was released during Diwali season. Possibly, it looks like a song that would be placed during the end of this movie with final the credits. The song has a middling composing, but the visual picturing and inclusion of all the stars, especially the hot girls – Trisha, Hansika Motwani and Poonam Bajwa could be a better show stealer.
Poraada Poraada
Singer: Hip Hop Tamizha
As we start listening to the song, it has some resemblances of Hip Hop Aadhi’s previous hit song ‘Vaadi Pulla Vaadi’. Of course, this song is quite engrossing with the proper balancing between the vocals and lyrical quotients along with the musical accompaniments. The singers endow their best to the core and this could be more enhanced with the beautiful visuals as well.
Aranmanai Theme Music
The initial moments in this song is worthy of appreciations, but as the theme music proceeds to the latter portions, it gets too louder with lots of combinations including strings, female vocal and percussions.  Naturally, it will be getting the best enhancement through the visuals.
On the whole, Aranmanai 2 is comprised with songs that are laced with mystery, romance and fun. As it happens usually with the songs in Sundar C films, where it holds possibilities of clicking only after film’s release, this one too might be having the same scenario.

Rating: 2/5

Verdict : Verdict: Good attempt, but not on usual standards of Hip Hop Tamizha.