Irandam ulagam music review

Staring : Arya, Anushka

Director : Selvaraghavan

Music : Harris Jayaraj

Production : PVP

Selvaraghavan is always known for bringing the best from a music director. We have listened to some epic albums in the past and now for the first time the King of melody ‘Harris Jayaraj’ and Selvaraghavan join hands for a fantasy love story Irandam Ulagam. Read on to know the magical amalgamation of this duo…..

Kanimozhiye;Singers: Karthik ;Lyrics: Vairamuthu

For people who don’t know, this is the first song composed for the film and Harris himself revealed it at the audio launch. A poetic melody which has all kind of Harris’s touch in it, the guitar strings , fresh vocals of the singer and rhythmic lyric of Vairmuthu sounds so cool.  The chorus portions at the interludes are very catchy.

En Kaadhal Thee;Singers: S.P. Balasubramaniam; Lyrics: Vairamuthu

When SPB sings “En Kaadhal Thee “ he simply takes us to the new world and the instruments which are used adds the classic feel. The mixing stands out and the interlude music sounds so fresh, no words to laud Vairamuthu’s lyrics the creativity inside him touches it peak in these linesUdalin Valieyey Uyirai thoduvathey Kaadhaley”, “Idhalgalin Valiyey Ithayam Thoduvathu Kaadhaley”.

Mannavane En Mannavaney;Singers: Gopal Rao, Shakthi ;Lyrics: Vairamuthu

 This is not a typical Harris number, Harris opts for a new flavour and it worked pretty well.  Shakthi and Gopal Rao’s vocals make this number as a stand out in the album. The number is a folk -melody with  some heart soaking instruments and superb mixing. Harris is known for his interlude music where a director can have plenty of stories to tell in the film and this song has many such moments it.

Vinnaithaandi Anbe Vandhai;Singers: Vijay Prakash ;Lyrics: Vairamuthu

 Harris always proved that his songs will attracts us at the very first instant and here is an perfect example. Vijay Prakash’s vocals reaches the high pitch with so much ease and Harris has given ample variations in the tune and with the instruments he used. A sure shot hit number in the album.

Panangkalla Veshamulla;Singers: Dhanush;Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Dhanush’s earthy ,raw ,rustic vocal perfectly suits this separation in love theme.  Harris’s instruments convey the same feel with so much of variations in it.  Again the lyrics stand outPonnu Manasu romba thinusu anga mirugamam kadavulum Valum”. The opening line itself compares two contradictory factor “Panangala  - Vishamulla”. The female chorus portions with heavy instruments sound interesting.

Rakkozhi Raakhozhi;Singers: Hariharan, Sriram;Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Again not an usual Harris number and the very beginning of the song gives us a raw feel. Hariharan and Sriram vocal adds the poignant feel to the song, every time when they sing “Rakkzhi Raakozhi” the energy is just bombarding in the song.  Waiting for Selvaraghavan’s magical visualization for this song.

Theme of Irandam Ulagam

One of the best theme songs in recent time. The humming portions gently increased and reaches the peak with banging instruments which gives as a adventurous and fantasy feel, the variations and world class chorus makes this theme as the best.


Verdict : Magical album from Harris,Selva and Vairamuthu trio !