Kathakali music review

Staring : Vishal , Cathreine Tersa

Director : Pandiraj

Music : Hip Hop Thamizha

Production : Vishal Film Factory

Offering something more refreshing through the movie ‘Aambala’, Hip Hop Aadhi managed to steal the show with this maiden debut later followed by some decorous albums ‘Indru Netru Naalai’ and ‘Thani Oruvan’. Now he comes with yet another stroke with Vishal for second time titled ‘Kathakali’ directed by Pandiraj.
Singer: Hip Hop Tamizha
The song has some perfect moments with few mediocre elements inserted during the interim though… It has lively elements through the instrumental quotients though, but somewhere closely reminiscences his very own previous compositions.
Erangi Vandhu
Singers: Hip Hop Tamizha and Anthony Daasan
To be precise, Hip Hop Tamizha should give up singing for all the songs as it sounds too stereotypical in many portions. Nevertheless, the episodes involving Anthony Dasan are done with a decorous panache and the style of song would be more appealing with the visuals we see on the screens.
Kathakali Theme
When we say the word ‘Kathakali’, it’s obviously all the about the term ‘Chanda Mela’, which instantly grasps to our senses. In this track, Hip Hop Tamizha tries to blend this accordingly with a techno mix in few portions. But it has the right momentum to elevate the stunt sequence or racy moment in the film as a background score.
Kathakali Whistle
As the album comes to an end, we have something called ‘Kathakali Whistle’ that comes up with an intriguing instrumentals, which gives a package of surprise, suspense and mystery with some exciting action as well.
With the album just comprising about 2 songs and couple of theme scores, Hip Hop Tamizha who delivered a power packed album ‘Thani Oruvan hasn’t delivered something up to the expectations. But we could have something ameliorated while viewing it along with the visuals.
Verdict: Good one though not surpassing as ‘Thani Oruvan’
Rating: 2.25/5

Verdict : Verdict: Good one though not surpassing as ‘Thani Oruvan’