Thaara thappattai music review

Staring : Sasikumar, Varalakshmi Sarathkumar

Director : Bala

Music : Ilayaraja

Production : Bala

Maestro Ilayaraja has always been the hero of many films, where his brand remains more sparkling the onscreen actors. Definitely, his 1000th album Thaara Thappattai belongs to this league that stars Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in lead role, directed by Bala. 

Hero Intro Theme 

It’s a Nathaswaram as the main backdrop and the composing style that brings forth an impeccable touch from Maestro Ilayaraja. What could make it more enhanced is the Sasikumar’s performance of playing it all on the screens. 

Vathana Vathana Vadivelan

Vocals: Kavitha Gopi, Priyadarshini                                                                                                     


The mellisonant vocalisms by Kavitha Gopi and Priyadarshini are the greatest traits in this song that blends very well with the orchestral realms of Ilayaraja. The perfect balancing between these two aspects goes very well.



Vocals: Sathya Prakash, Surmukhi


Thiru Vaasagam – Bringing up some of the versatile poignant lines from the most celebrated masterpiece, the mild string works in the backdrops with some fill-ins by the middle of notes are the most fascinating part. Moreover, it’s Sathya Prakash and Surmukhi deliberately offering the most relishing moment through their intonating style.  


Singer: Sharath 

If you’re listening this song without reading the label of track and who the singer is, you would make a blind guess that it’s none other than Yesudas. Apparently, it’s Sharath who is inspired by the legend crooning it with an emotional bonding. 


Vocals: MM Manasi and Prasanna 

It’s an erotic song that comes in style with naughtiness and romance as in usual compositions of Ilayaraja. MM Manasi getting into the league with Ilayaraja is something unbelievable and it goes well with the style. Prasanna is naturally on his best. 


Thaara Thappattai 

Among all the songs, this one gets too best and can be regarded as the cherry-pick and it holds an impeccable beauty through the instrumentals. Let us wait and watch out for what happens to the best on the screens. But mark our words! It’s going to be a huge celebration in the theatres. 


Arrambam Aavudhu

Singers: Ilayaraja and Ananthu 

When it comes to the specific genre of composing Ballad, Ilayaraja always remains on the top of all order and this one too isn’t an exception. You cannot though express what this is is all about, until you watch the dramatic tale through the visuals and performance. 

Overall, the songs by Maestro Ilayaraja in this album ‘Thaara Thappattai’ are commendable though they are more stories oriented unlike some of his previous collaboration with Bala. These songs would definitely carve a niche in the Tamil music industry, but with the visuals.



Verdict : Remarkably spellbinding! 1000 albums and Ilayaraja proves emperor again