12 Aug 2013 - 01 26 PM
Actor jayaram\'s elephant is no more

Actor Jayaram is so fond of elephants that he bought an elephant about 18 years ago. He has named the elephant Kannan and the film has acted in films like Manasinakkare and Rapakal and in several ad films. Manasinakkare was the debut film of Nayanthara.

The elephant that was 54-years-old died of rheumatism and digestive disorders and was ailing for sometime. A week ago Jayaram has come to see the elephant and has given Ganga  water to the animal. However, Jayaram could not attend the funeral of the elephant as he is away shooting for Joshiy’s Salam Kashmir.

On hearing the death of his pet elephant, Jayaram was in tears and seeing his grief director Joshiy gave him a day’s off from shooting.

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