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Wednesday winner - anjali

While film makers in Kollywood were running behind heroes for their call sheets, Mani Ratnam had other plans. He believed that the “script” is the hero and a good script can  always hit the right chord and one such honest attempt was Anjali.

It is not easy for a film maker to make a three year old act and bring the required output from children. But Mani Ratnam did it with perfection. He discovered the  tremendous acting potential from Shamili (Shalini’s sister). Shamili acted like a method actor in a mentally challenged role at the age of three.

Actually in addition to Shamili, Mani Ratnam has to handle bunch of kids for Anjali. Many kids who have acted in Anjali has become famous stars now and no one can forget the climax of Anjali where in Shruthi who played Anajali’ sister asking her to get up amid sobs and screams, (Anajli enthri Anjali enthri).

The film beautifully handled the emotions of the family members of a mentally challenged kid, Raguhavran and Revathy enacted the role of parents and the scene where Revathy came to know about Anjali’s existence was a master piece. Mani Ratnam  handed the emotional relationship between the siblings ie., interactions of Tarun and Shruthi with Shamili as another heart-touching scene.

Though the story looked like an artistic film, Mani Ratnam added the commercial ingredients like a love episode in the apartment and a short-lived character of Prabhu as an ex-convict and the film is yet another example of brilliant characterisation.The film elevated the status of Mani Ratnam and critics and people unanimously accepted the film. The film was a hit in Tamilnadu and Andhra.


Did You Know?

  • Mani Ratnam thought to make the movie Anjali as a sequel to “Mouaragam” with Anjali being the daughter to Mohan and Revathy. Since the call sheet of Mohan was not available, Mani has to go with Raguvaran.
  • For the first time Mani Ratnam joined hands with Madhu Ambat and did not go for PC Sreeram with whom he had done Mounaragam, Nayagan , Geethanjali and Agni natchathiram.
  • Anjali marked Illaiyaraja’s 500th film and ninth film with Mani Ratnam before their lastfilm “Thalapathy”
  • The Apartment shown in the film received a lot of adulation. It was a set erected by Thotta Tharani and many believed it to be the real one.
  • The film won three national awards with best child artists awards going to Shamili, Tarun and Shruthi. The Best Audiography to Pandurangan and Best Regional film award also went to it. The film also got nominated as India’s official entry to Academy awards for “Best Foreign language “ film.

-Rajasekar S

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