09 Aug 2013 - 10 08 AM
Cinema tidbit

Meera Jasmine is a changed person

Actress Meera Jasmine is a powerhouse of talent. However, she could not keep up the momentum due to her personal issues. Due to her alleged love affair and some discipline issues, the film makers started avoiding her. However, she is now acting in VTV Ganesh’s Enga Enna Solluthu and the crew says that Meera Jasmine is a changed person now. She makes it a point to come for shooting on time and spends time with the cast and crew and is enjoying every bit of shooting. The entire unit is happy about this and it seems Meera will make a strong re-entry to films. She is acting in two Malayalam films too now.

Vaali’s final lyrics for Siddharth

Late poet and lyricist Vaali’ final lyrics will be part of Siddharth’s upcoming film Kaaviya Thalaivan. The film has started shooting and the film is simultaneously being made in Tamil and Telugu. AR Rahman scores music for the film and Vasanthabalan is the director. Vedhika and Prithviraj are also part of the film.     


Vishal has reasons to be happy. His Madha Gaja Raja (MGR) under the Sunar C’s direction will be released soon. The film will be released in Telugu as NTR (Nataraja Thaney Raja). The titles MGR and NTR will have an instant connect with the audience as the names also have a connect with the two icons of films and politics MGR and NTR.


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